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Saturday, October 31

The happy couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were seen watching a tennis match on the 2009 US Open Tennis. Wearing so casual outfits and with tousled hair, both Blake and Kelly did not seem to enjoy the match.

Check out every photo I have here.

Some showed how the couple were busy chatting.
Some showed each Blake or Penn was yawning.
Even Blake seemed to lie her head down on Penn's shoulder.

What the heck they were doing the other night so that to enjoy a tennis match, they just could not concentrate?!

Well, I dare say that it must not be a kind of tennis match...


Friday, September 4

Ah, she's so Goddess...

Even when she feels tired (see her 'duh' expression?), Blake is still lively lovely!

The Gossip Girl set is where the pictures taken. You can see the dress, the heels, the bracelet, the people around and ah! The cleavage...(I skip my own comment about this one).

Enjoy, people!


Tuesday, November 25

Taking a break from her duties on the “Gossip Girl” set, Blake Lively was spotted checking out the swanky premiere of “Australia” last night in New York City.

The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” actress arrived at the Ziegfeld Theater looking fabulous as usual in a white cardigan sweater-style top with a salmon-colored belt and a black lacy skirt with black heels.

Notably absent from the red carpet fun was Blake’s on-and-off-screen boyfriend Penn Badgley who skipped the arrivals area and met her inside to screen the film.

Thursday, October 23

Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively is sued by the dressmaker for not paying New York-based tailor Angela Bilotti $500 (GBP312).

According to TMZ.com, Bilotti asked the star to withdraw the payment from ATM cash machine. However, Lively's reps tells that the tailor incorrectly fitted the dress to the star's requirements and agreed for the actress to pay half the original amount.

Thursday, September 11

Blake Lively is willing to be a party planner. The 'Gossip Girl' star - who plays Serena van der Woodsen in the hit US TV show - was so excited about planning her latest 21st birthday party and soon realised she had the potential as a professional Event Organiser.

She said, "I love to plan parties. That would be my career if I wasn't an actress!"

At the 1920s-themed party, held at New York's Palace Hotel earlier this month, the actress was accompanied by her 'Gossip Girl' co-star and real-life rumoured boyfriend, Penn Badgley.

Friday, August 22

“Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Blake Lively and America Ferrera do not hate each other, in fact according to Lively, she and the “Ugly Betty” star are BFF, although we doubt they share a pair of pants in real life.

During a recent interview the two stars were giving in an effort to promote “Pants 2,” the topic of Blake Lively’s hit teen drama, “Gossip Girl” came up, at which point, America Ferrera, a successful television star in her own right with “Ugly Betty,” apparently rolled her eyes. Oh no!

"She's one of my best friends in the whole wide world and honestly, when you're sitting in a room for three hours doing satellite interviews... We were staring at with a smiley face."

Sunday, July 20

Penn Badgley has opened up about his romance with Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively. He said that obviously, there's chemistry between them and that Lively is a great girl (of course she is!)

He added, "we have to draw a line, at some point, with our personal lives, because otherwise, ya know, when do people stop?"

A picture of Penn smooching Blake while vacationing in Mexico's Mayan Riviera has been widely spread on the internet, but Penn insists that he's "not a fan" of on-set romances.

"I think they cause a lot of drama. God, I'm being so cryptic," Penn added.

He said he is still getting used to the fact that he's become a heartthrob.

"I would say I once got mauled by 40 or 50 girls on the street, all school girls, all from one of these schools that the show is about and all is plaid skirts, white shirts, and just screaming, eyes glazed over," he said, recalling his scariest fan encounter.

According to Penn, it's different shooting the CW hit — the season finale aired Monday — in New York City rather than Los Angeles because people have a certain respect for the show because it's a show in the city about the city.

"In New York I would say it's pretty tame, out here it gets a little crazy," he said.

As crazy as your romance...?

Saturday, July 19

After reading this short article, you will find how Blake sees others...

Blake Lively who plays Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl says she has been the target of gossip girls herself in the past. She was often picked on by girls during her time at school.

Blake explains, "There were definitely gossipy girls at my school and they picked on me. But they picked on everyone. I think there are catty, insecure girls everywhere."

"It's never people being genuinely bad at heart. I just think that maybe the way people are raised makes them different, makes them insecure. I guess they are wishing they were me right now though."

And you are genuinely beautiful at heart, Blake

Friday, July 18

If you were at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night you wouldn't miss Blake and Penn.

The real-life Gossip Girl couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley attended Tuesday night’s All-Star game at Yankee Stadium, the one that went to almost 2 am.

The pair really took off their glamorous life as celebs. They were so nice and willing to pose with fans for photos when approached. They even did not spend the game on phones as one may expect.

The couple also stayed fairly late, although they didn’t make it to the bitter end of the 15-inning game.

Thursday, July 17

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are really heating up as a couple on and off screen. The two lovebirds stepped out in NYC last night in support of Penn's mother and godmother for their jewelry line, Badgley/Sneed Designs.

They were contenders for an open casting call PR agency Jack + Bill hosted last night for emerging fashion talent. Maybe we'll see the designs on the next season of Gossip Girl!

In other GG news, Chace Crawford's character gets a steamy new storyline as he gets hooked up with a cougar! And this isn't any old cougar from your neighborhood bar. Madchen Amick is HOTTTT in her character Catherine Mason.

New episodes start September 1st.

Source: hollyscoop

Tuesday, July 15

After attending the world premiere of Batman's The Dark Knight, Blake Lively headed over to the Vitaminwater Celebrates in Style with the Best in Baseball and Music event.

And once again she pleased the paparazzi with her stunning style and blinding smile.

It even beats the paparazzi blitz...

Tuesday, July 15

The Gossip Girl couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley attend the world premiere of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight at AMC Loews Lincoln Square - IMAX on Monday in New York City.

Batman gets lots of support from other Hollywood celebrity fans such as Ethan Hawke, Josh Hartnett, and Lauren Conrad.

The one should come for the festive is Heath Ledger whose role in the film is as the Joker. The multi talented was found died in his apartment, 22 January 2008.

Tuesday, July 15

Gossip Girl costars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley share a passionate kiss while filming a little make-out session on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Tuesday.

Sometimes, we just don't know if a pic is real life or a movie scene...



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